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Standard Warranty for all Server and RAID Storage Products

Servaris guarantees components in all ProServ Servers and iStor RAID Storage Systems to be new with full manufacturers warranty for a period of three (3) years from the shipping date unless otherwise noted in your invoice. SAS (Serial Attached SCSI), SATA (Serial ATA) and, SCSI Hard Drives, installed by Servaris are covered under manufacturers warranty for five (5) years.

Warranty Claims due to Shipping: Damage to products which occurred during shipping between Servaris Corp. to the location stated on the way-bill prepared by Servaris are fully insured to the value stated on the invoice and are included in this warranty. This also includes lost in transit of any product(s) shipped.

All claims for damages incurred in transit from Servaris to the location stated on the way-bill, must be made within 24 hours of receipt of product(s)

All Servaris ProServ Servers which are IPMI Compliant will include software for Linux and Windows to monitor the client’s ProServ Server(s) and retrieve vital information such as hardware logs is included in the original shipping box containing the Server(s). Clients running FreeBSD Operating System or Linux Distributions can use the freely available software such as ipmitool or freeipmi.

NOTE: Defective components must be returned to Servaris or, a manufacturer's designated component return center in proper shipping cartons.

If damage to the component occurs during shipping due to improper packaging, or if the defective component is not received within 14 days of final repair, the customer is responsible for the replacement cost of the component.

Exclusions from Warranty Coverage

Exclusions in coverage are: Accident, Acts of God, disasters, and transportation beyond original shipment of the Server from Servaris, vandalism, negligence, terrorism, misuse or abuse.

Getting Warranty Support — What to do if a problem occurs

Four simple steps to follow for an expeditious resolution:

Step 1: Go to https://support.servaris.com and create a support ticket. Even if you call us first, and you're welcome to do so, we still need the ticket with the trouble you are having.

Step 2: With the remote management software that you have installed on a client machine or server, or with tools such as ipmitool or freeipmi, connect to the Server and extract the SEL log. This can be done regardless of the power state of the server. The server must be connected to electrical power. Save the SEL log locally and paste the content of the SEL log in the Support Ticket you created in Step 1 above.

Step 3: Call Servaris at 1.877.963.1900 if you experience a hardware problem.

Step 4: Servaris will discuss the problem and provide technical assistance to find the defective component. In order to properly diagnose and replace a failing component, we will require the output of the hardware log extracted from the Server.

Replacement components will be sent directly to your location at no cost to you, the next business day, subject to inventory of the component(s) from the particular manufacturer of that component.

The IPMI Hardware (SEL) LOG provides instant diagnosis of monitored components and provides the shortest time for replacement of a failed component.

Software for Linux and Windows to monitor the clients ProServ Server(s) and retrieve vital information such as hardware logs is included in the original shipping box containing the Server(s). Clients running FreeBSD on client machines or Servers can use the freely available software, ipmitool.

IPMITOOL is a non-graphical interface that can be run on your Server(s) or on FreeBSD and Linux client machines. To install ipmitool on a FreeBSD Server or Workstation perform the following:

#cd /usr/ports/sysutils/ipmitool; make install clean
Once installed, simply run ipmitool such as:
shawn@node6 /home/shawn> ipmitool -H sel list

The above command will return the output of the logs of the Server queried and we can tell what is failing.
Learn more about remote Hardware Management


Servaris offers On-Site Hardware Maintenance Support for its ProServ Servers and iSTOR RAID Storage Systems in Canada, the United States of America, Europe, and Australia. There are several different levels of On-Site Hardware Maintenance Support available ranging from:

8am to 6pm Next Business Day
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a maximum of 4 hours for a technician to be at your location, subject to physical location of Server(s) and/or RAID System(s).

When our On-Site Hardware Replacement Support Service is purchased, the type and terms will be explicitly stated on your invoice. The original Invoice of your purchase must be available.

Servaris will provide, through its authorized agents, an on-site technician to install the failed component(s) with the exception of Hard Drives, without any charge to you. On-Site Hardware Replacement Support Service applies only to components of the Servers or RAID Storage Systems installed by Servaris at the time of purchase and during the warranty period of the Service as stated in your invoice.

NOTE: On-site technician support for replacement of Hard Drives is not included in the Service. We recommend the installation of Hot-Pluggable Hard Drives connected to a RAID Controller in order to make a replacement of a failed Hard Drive extremely simple and quick without shutting down server operations to complete the Hard Drive replacement.

As data can be crucial to your operation, ALWAYS BACKUP YOUR DATA ONTO TAPE(S) and/or RAID STORAGE SYSTEMS! Servaris will not be responsible for any lost data due to any circumstance.

Please note that a "4 hour" response should not to be construed as a "4 hour" total fix. In order to provide a 4 hour repair the client must have spares on hand. Please discuss this with your account manager at the time of your purchase.


The following items are excluded from an on-site technician be dispatched to your location: Power supplies, hard drives, memory modules. If you require on-site technician for these items, your Account Manager can provide you with a solution.

Servaris provides the highest level of technical support to clients on an hourly, monthly or contract term period. In order to provide proper assistance, we must have an understanding of any issue(s) you want resolved. Please contact your Account Manager or call the sales office.

Administration Support— Net@dmin

Net@dmin is an advanced service in which Servaris can provide a range of services. This is well suited for a small to midsize company which does not require a full-time UNIX administrator on their payroll, however, will still need assistance with implementation of applications and updates to their systems.

Servaris can completely manage your new ProServ servers remotely and securely giving you the freedom to conduct your business while leaving the technical concerns to us. The cost of this service can only be determined with a comprehensive discussion to fully understand your requirements and expectations.

Product Returns and Refunds

Servaris will replace any system that arrives which is DOA (Dead on Arrival) subject to phone call trouble shooting. If the product cannot boot or will not run after a trouble shooting attempt with our service technicians, an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) will be issued for a replacement ONLY.

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