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Since 1999, the Management of Servaris has been providing quality hardware solutions to clients large and small, private and government, world wide.

Our team of highly qualified and seasoned professionals understand your need for getting the most value for your investment.

Hardware: All Servaris Servers and RAID Rack Storage Systems are built with all new components, with full manufacturers warranties, made by leaders in technology such as AMD, Intel, LSI Logic, 3Ware, Seagate, Fujitsu, Infortrend, and Western Digital.

Software: Servaris can provide you with support for applications such as the Apache Web Server, Qmail, Samba, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DNS, and customized setups of these and many other applications. We also offer On-Site assistance for hardware parts replacement.

Operating Systems: FreeBSD, Red Hat Linux, SuSE Linux, CentOS Linux, Fedora Core and, Microsoft Windows. Whatever OS you want, we insure the hardware and software will work in unison to provide you with superior results.

Why should you buy from Servaris?

1. Passion: We are passionate about our hardware and we put all our commitment to perfection in every ProSErv SErver and iSTor RAID Storage System. Servaris ensures every ProServ Server and iStor RAID Storage System is able to perform at its very best, year after year. We are passionate about quality and are committed to provide you with only first class premium quality Servers and RAID Storage Systems that deliver best-in-class and uncompromising quality.

2. Peace of Mind: Servaris understands your server is the core of your company or institution. We don't just make Servers and RAID STorage Systems, we include satisfaction and peace of mind in everything we sell.

3. Service: In the rare event of a breakdown, we provide unbeatable support with built-in diagnosis in every ProServ Server and our remote teleservices based on the result of the diagnosis.

4. Price: Spending wisely is the justification you get when you buy ProServ Servers and iStor RAID Storage Systems. We do not compromise quality for cost savings. Downtime costs and lost productivity from downtime will far outweigh any modest difference in price between an ordinary server and a premium quality ProServ Server and iStor RAID Storage System from Servaris
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