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Some of our current clients and comments

Recent client:  Federal Government of Canada

I was just going to forget about it, but then I thought how rare it is for someone to let a supplier know when things are working well. It has been several years now that you have been sending us boxes and I can't recall the last time there was a problem with any of them. You always ensure they are in perfect working order when you ship to us. This is greatly appreciated - It sure makes my job easier.  Thanks for the top-notch service.
Peter S. - Federal Government of Canada

Recent client:  McGill School of Computer Science

All machines are working fine. At last count we have 10 of your servers still running here at CS. We are really happy that they have such a long lifespan.

All the best, Andrew

Recent client:  Network Solutions
recent client:
Recent client:  University of California at Davis
Recent client: Sandia National Labs
Swisscom Fixnet - Switzerland's largest Telecommunications Company

"We use ProServ Servers for our mission-critical services. These systems have performed flawlessly since they were put into operation almost three years ago. The peace of mind that comes from reliable systems easily justifies the cost."

Bill Ostaski - General Manager
coHost / Cove Communications

Recent Client: Cove Communications
Recent client:  Ohio State University
Recent client:  Canadian Coast Guard Collge
Recent client:  Real Connected

I'm just writing to let you know that the ProServ850 we ordered from you is running great!    I also wanted to thank you for doing the initial install and BIOS configure, it saved me some time, especially considering that this would have been my first non-i386 install ;-)

Mit Rowe - 9 Track Mind, Inc.

9Track Mind
Office of the Governor of California: Arnold Schwarzenegger:
The Network People Inc.
Matt's Review  PDF 73KB
Recent client:  Michigan State University
Recent client:  Alaska Communications Systems
Ives Inc. The NET Idea Bell Canada
Apartments 24/7
Recent client:  Guthy-Renker Corporation Recent client: Mason General Hospital

I have a total of five additional machines on budget this year, which I anticipate I will be needing. Some of these systems will be added to our current mail server farm, while other machines will be replacing three (or sometimes four) Dell PowerEdge machines.
The hardware is great, solid as can be. I've never been more impressed (32 GB of ram and 4 processors per machine will do that to a person). Above all else, I appreciate the fact that I can speak to someone that is intelligent, and not a script-reading monkey of a sales person. I can relate to your thoughts and opinions, and as I'm sure you've learned, very few can ... I think that we are a dying breed, us FreeBSD-goers... But as long as I'm still here and still require hardware, I know who to call.

Thanks again!
Scott - T-Net Internet Services, Inc.

We have worked with FreeBSD System for several years, during which he and his crew have simplified our lives immensely by getting us high quality hardware and supporting it through thick and thin. It is for this reason we have used Servaris as our sole server hardware vendor. It makes us very happy to see the same dedication in their partners.
Thank you very much for showing us how seriously you take the support of your product.

David - Huttleston Data Design


It is always a pleasure to build relationships with businesses
that provide excellent service.

Thanks. Mike

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