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Economical General Purpose Tower Server

Ideal Small Business Server Solution in a 1U Rack Mount Form Factor


Servaris e600P Server Board

starting from $ 1,340
Price includes 3.10Ghz E3-1220V2 Quad-Core Xeon Processor & 4GB DDR3/1333 Mhz Memory

Servaris ProServ Z101 is a highly reliable, low cost 1U Rack Server optimized for ligher duty Web Serving and Web Hosting and is based on the Intel C202 Chipset and features the power and performance of the Intel E3-1200V2 Quad-Core Xeon Processor. Combines performance with cost saving Enterprise SATA Hard Drives providing sustained uptime and large internal storage capability with Intel® Embedded Server RAID Technology supporting SATA RAID levels 0/1/10. With an Add-in SAS RAID Controller, the Z101 1U Rack-Mount Server is equipped to handle 6GB/s SAS and/or SATA Hard Drives.

In Small Business Environments where the need for a single reliable Server to host the Databases, eMail, Web Sites and, store documents, spreadsheets and other data, the ProServ Z101 is ideal.

The ProServ Z101 Supports Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 Operating Systems. It's Open Source Operating System Ready and supports CentOS, FreeBSD, Fedora, Red Hat, SuSE, Ubuntu.

Servaris Z101 is an excellent cost-effective solution for Small Business Environments.


  • Think Green: Energy Savings from design implementation and cost savings from performance per watt. Reduce power and cooling costs while increasing rack density with policy-based power and thermal management
  • Extend Manageability: Reduced time in deployment and easy to manage hardware via remote web based OS independent tool, including KVM and Redirected Console
  • Platform Virtualization: Next Generation Intel® Virtualization Technology enables best-in-class virtualization performance, superb scalability, enhanced flexibility, and simplified server management.


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Key Features

ProServ Z101 Rack 1U Server Chassis with 250-Watt PFC Power Supply, Front Panel NIC, Status and Hard Drive LEDs.

Chassis Dimensions:
• 1.67" (h) x 17.25" (w) x 21.8" (d)
• 4.24cm (h)x 43.82 cm (w) x 55.37 cm (d)

Server Board Chipset:
• Intel® C202 Chipset with Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II
• Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit Operating Systems such as FreeBSD, Linux Red Hat, Linux SuSE, Fedora Core. Microsoft Windows 2003 and 2008 R2 Server.

Processor Support: One Intel Xeon E3-1200V2 Series Quad-Core Processor up to 3.60 Ghz, 5 GT/s.

Internal Storage
• Up to four 3.5-inch SATA Hard Drives (3GB/Sec).
• Integrated SATA controller with support for RAID-0, RAID-1 or RAID-10.
• Optional Add-in Hardware RAID controller provides 6GB/s SAS or SATA and RAID-5 or RAID-1 + online Hot-spare.

PCI Expansion:
• 1 Low Profile PCIe x8 Expansion Slot

Network: Dual Intel PRO/1000 (10/100/1000) Server Network Ethernet Controllers. One Intel 82574L PCIe and One Intel 82579 PCIe

Front Panel: 2 USB Ports, Power Switch, Reset Switch

Rear Panel: Four USB-2.0 Ports, Two RJ45 Network Connectors, 1 Serial and 1 Video Port

Memory: Supports up to 32GB DDR3/1333Mhz E.C.C. Unbuffered Memory.

Cooling System: Three fans positioned for cooling the main chassis and one for cooling the power supply; monitored by Intel Server Management.

Headless Lights Out: Bios and OS Console Redirection support, PXE boot option, IPMI compliant Server Chassis and Server Board and Server Management Software included.

Power: 1 Fixed 250-Watt Bronze Efficiency 120-240 Volt P.F.C. Power Supply.

Remote Server Management: Integrated IPMI 2.0 baseboard management controller. Optional Web Based Remote Management Module with 10/100 dedicated NIC provides Redirected Console, KVM via Web Browser (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera) access to the integrated management controller.

Graphics:Emulex Pilot III Video Controller with 128MB DDR3 Memory

Warranty: 3 Year Warranty - Flexible On-Site Hardware Maintenance options available.

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