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Servaris' Servers with Advanced Remote Server Management Built-in provide you with In-band and out-of-band Lights-Out Remote Management and Console Redirection that is usable out-of-the-box.

Server Hardware Information and KVM with Console Redirection using a Web Browser

Shown below are screen shots taken from using a Web Browser to connect to a Server. The Server at the time the screen shots were taken had no Operating system installed.

Using Redirected Console within the Web Browser, if needed, change BIOS Settings, we show enabling Virtualization for CPU(s). This feature is standard with most ProServ Rack Servers and Tower Servers.

Setup or Change the BIOS with Remote Management

Post Messages from BIOS and OS Boot Messages are displayed on the Remote Console using a Web Browser

Install Operating System with Remote Managemet

Begin installing the FreeBSD Operating System on One of the Blade Servers using the Remote Management Console

Installing FreeBSD with Remote Management Console
Install FreeBSD with Management Console
Fdisk the new FreeBSD installation with Remote Management Console

After installation is complete, we still can use the Console of the Remote Management to login to the newly installed OS and create a user. This is just like Serial Console Redirection ,without using the Serial Port and, getting the redirected console over Ethernet.

Login to Redirected Console with Remote Management

Below is a Hardware Event Log as seen through a Web Browser.

Hardware Logs via Remote Management Web Interface on Servaris Blade Servers

Shown below is Network Screen. Contains configuration for access to the Management Console as well configuration for the included Layer 2+ Switch

Configure Network Settings for Remote Management Module

Configuration of Email Notifcation delivery is shown below.

Setup for Email Notifications

Remote Headless Computer Server Management with IPMI and Advanced Web Based KVM Server Management with Servaris Servers

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